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Getting into Unity3D

Whilst I'm getting to grips with Unity3D i'm going to make a few posts about things I've wanted to try or play with. I'm in an odd situation in that I know more about the C++ source code of Unity than I do about the editing and script level. These things i'm playing with here will be script and editor based. I'm not necessarily pitching this as a tutorial at Unity3D, there are some excellent ones out there but more of a existing game dev who has just started looking at Unity3D. Create new Project "PlayingWith" Creating a classic checkerboard plane Stick down a plane GameObject Create a Material object "PlaneMaterial" Import "Prototyping" package for a few bits and pieces Create some folders to my assets following Standard Material layout for now Drag PlaneMaterial onto plane Use GIMP to create a 128x128 texture filed with a 16x16 blue/red checkerboard Export from GIMP as a png (GIMP native not supported by Unity) App